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Homeward Bound
Aerial Ash Scattering Services

Homeward Bound Ash Scattering is a family owned business since 1993. We offer the premier in air ash scattering. As a family business, we strive to provide a personal service that brings dignity, grace and respect to the final journey of a loved one. Our purpose is to help in the bereavement process, creating a lasting memorial to loved ones by professionally scattering ashes from an airplane. This helps to bring closure and peace of mind to family and friends.

The airborne release of cremated remains is an elegant way to pay tribute to the deceased. The flight can be made either during or after the memorial service. In many cases the mission is flown later, when it is convenient for friends and family to be present. Regardless of the time frame, our purpose is to come alongside your family during a time of loss and grief to help celebrate a life and thus bring closure.

In a society where people move frequently, ash scattering becomes a practical and dignified way to memorialize a loved one. Traditions change and safeguarding an urn with ashes from generation to generation does not carry the same value as it did in days gone by. Scattering ashes from an airplane is an elegant and dignified alternative of taking care of ashes that we have held onto for several years or even generations. A time comes when we have to release our burden and the ashes of loved ones to the wind, softly, gently and gracefully.

Have you ever watched an eagle soar or a leaf flit around on a gusty day? Since his earliest memories, Mark, our chief pilot, has dreamed of dancing on the wind in the same way, free of the bonds of earth. The scattering of ashes from an airplane, represents a release from the boundaries of this earth to an eternal freedom as the ashes dance on the wind.

One of the most sought after options is the scattering of fresh rose petals along with the ashes. Aerial ash scattering provides a graceful and refined release and ultimately, closure. Fresh rose petals signify a celebration of life on its final journey into eternity.

To scatter ashes by plane also represents a financial release to those left behind. It frees loved ones of the immense financial burden that can accompany a funeral. It is by far a more cost effective alternative to traditional funerals. The cost involved can be viewed on our services page. We have the unique ability to scatter ashes, affordably, from an aircraft over beautiful locations of remembrance, nationally and worldwide.

Aerial ash scattering is an ecologically sound alternative. Cremated remains float down gracefully and eventually return to the earth from which they came, "dust to dust", creating a cycle that once again gives life. In an age where there is concern with conserving our natural resources, aerial ash scattering is unmistakably the best choice.


Finding closure is a personal and intimate experience. It is unique for everyone. We offer various ash scattering Packages to fit individual wishes and needs. We are sensitive to specific requirements and therefore each ash scattering mission is personalized. To help those left behind deal with the loss, it is very important to create a permanent memorial. Although one's own passing is a tough subject to deal with, Pre-Arrangement relieves your loves ones of difficult decisions during a stressful and emotional time.

Have you ever pondered the perfect resting place? Think of your fondest location and then be a part of pre-planning your wishes for a lasting memorial by having your ashes scattered in that place of remembrance. Perhaps the family cabin, hiking trail or a favorite picnic area comes to mind. Homeward Bound Aerial Services has scattered ashes over the Snowmass Country Club golf course in Aspen (with permission from all affected parties) as well as favorite fishing spots and hunting grounds. View Grandpa Pete and Grandma Ruth are just gone fishin' video clip. (Best viewed in full screen mode).

The Rocky Mountains remain the most requested memorial spot for scattering ashes by plane, even for people who have never been here. The awesome majesty of these mountains provide a memorial that can be viewed from afar as well as providing a place where one can go and breathe in the cool mountain air and reflect and remember. The mountains will always be there. Families and loved ones may re-locate, but the permanence of the mountains as an aerial ash scattering choice is a living legacy. As we look out on the mountains over the changing seasons, we marvel at their presence and magnificence.

Pet Cremains Scattering

For many, pets represent family. These faithful companions have added richly to our lives. They have served us with unwavering loyalty and when they pass, the loss, in many cases, is akin to the death of a family member. We treat the scattering of Pet cremains with the same dignity and grace that we bestow on our human scatterings. At Homeward Bound Ash Scattering, we have a strict chain of custody, ensuring the highest standards of quality. We treat each family with dignity and respect. We are continually interacting with other experts to improve our business to better serve you.

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