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“I have loosed the bonds of earth to soar on the wind, in the presence of my Creator”

Homeward Bound
Ash Scattering By Plane

Aerial Ash Spreading Services

Homeward Bound Ash Scattering is a family owned business since 1993. We offer the premier in air ash scattering. As a family business, we strive to provide a personal service that brings dignity, grace and respect to the final journey of a loved one.

Our purpose is to help in the bereavement process, creating a lasting memorial to loved ones by professionally scattering ashes from an airplane. This helps to bring closure and peace of mind to family and friends.

The airborne release of cremated remains is an elegant way to pay tribute to the deceased. The flight can be made either during or after the memorial service. In many cases the mission is flown later, when it is convenient for friends and family to be present. Regardless of the time frame, our purpose is to come alongside your family during a time of loss and grief to help celebrate a life and thus bring closure.


“From the very first conversation on the phone with Jane, I felt that all of my affairs would be properly taken care of. Jane explained every detail thoroughly. Upon arrival of my very first time in Colorado, my family and I met with Jane and Mark at their beautiful home.

They were warm, welcoming and hospitable. We went over a few more details and we were assured that everything will be fine. My husband's ashes were spread over beautiful Pikes Peak. Everything went as planned. I couldn't have asked for a better send off and final resting place.

Thanks to Homeward Bound Aerial Services, I was able to carry out my husband's last wishes so beautifully and effortlessly.”

–Pamela R.D.

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6939 N Village Rd, Parker, CO 80134, USA

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