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Ash Scattering by Plane Service Packages & Prices

Image by Scott Goodwill


Pre-arrangement allows you to plan for what will happen with your ashes. The benefits are numerous although it is often odd to conceive, let alone to plan for the day you should die. Homeward Bound Ash Scattering aerial services provides the necessary documentation that is then held on our files and also with your executor or attorney.

Reasons to pre-plan aerial ash scattering:

  • Alleviate burden on family and friends at the time of death.

  • Establish a document that states your wishes.

  • Create a memorial for you and/or your spouse.

  • Aerial ash scattering is elegant.

  • Aerial ash scattering is affordable.

  • You choose your final resting place.

  • Your ashes won't be lost in the transition from generation to generation.

  • Aerial ash scattering is an ecologically sound alternative.

If you are interested please read and download our Certificate of Intent.

We know it can be difficult to find a mortuary or crematory when a death occurs.Here you can find highly reputable mortuaries and crematories we have worked with at a fair price:

Monarch Society is a highly trusted alternative to the costly traditional funeral homes.Locally owned and operated since 1982, they are dedicated in providing the utmost in funeral service here in Colorado.Serving all faiths, it is their purpose to provide thoughtful service to our families we serve.They are not owned by a public stock corporation nor are they a chain with multiple store front locations in strip malls.They have a genuinely caring staff and own and operate an on-site crematory and care facility in their lovely Victorian home in the heart of Denver. 

"After my father passed away, I was referred to Homeward Bound Aerial Services by Olinger Funeral Home.From the first phone call to the very last one, and with e - mails in between, everything was handled very professionally as well as very personally.The Pederson family took us into their home and listened with open hearts and minds.My husband and I knew from the first hello as they greeted us at the front door to the tears and hugs we shared with them throughout this difficult time in our lives, that this is who I wanted to take care of my father's ashes. They took care of my father's ashes as if he was a member of their family. They gave me great emotional comfort throughout.They are a beautiful family serving a wonderful need to the many of us who want to spread the cremains of our loved ones in a very special location. We could not have asked for a more perfect send-off for my dad to join my mother and be re-united after 30 years. I thank the Pederson family from the bottom of my heart for the love and caring they gave us and also my father. I highly recommend Homeward Bound Aerial Services for the wonderful service they provide." "Shirin Klug"


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