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  • What are cremains?
    Cremains is a word that evolved in the industry to describe cremated remains or the ashes of the deceased. The word is used interchangeably with ashes and cremated remains on this web-site.
  • How do you disperse ashes from the plane?
    We have developed a special dispersion bag that is protruded out the window. A cord is released which enables the ashes to be released completely out of the airplane. This is a two-pilot operation.
  • Can passengers be in the plane for the dispersion?
    We do not accommodate passengers on our flights. Instead we arrange a date and time for family and friends to view the dispersion from the ground.
  • How can we witness the scattering?
    Most of our cremains scatterings are witnessed from the ground. If family and friends want to view the scattering, we make detailed arrangements as to date, time and location. We have found that this is the most meaningful way for loved ones to be involved. Larger groups can participate and there is also an opportunity to take videos and digital pictures of the scattering.
  • Are there any restrictions as to scattering locations?
    There are FAA mandated altitude restrictions which will be discussed during the planning phase. Different states and different countries have different regulations and permits. We will address these as needed.
  • If the ceremony is unattended, how will we know that the ashes have been scattered?
    We will contact you to let you know the date of the flight. The precise date, time and location using the Global Positioning Satellite will be noted. This information will be documented on the Certificate of Dispersion. Also, if requested, we will take digital or video photos of the area (see customized options). It will also be recorded in our flight log. We have a strict chain of custody, which is supported by our largest crematories.
  • How do I ship cremains to Homeward Bound Ash Scattering?
    The United States Postal Service is the only company that will allow you to ship cremated remains. Go to 139 for instructions. Mail to: Homeward Bound Ash Scattering, 6939 Village Road, Parker, CO 80134 Phone: (303) 693-1015. We have a strict chain of custody and following these guidelines will also meet our requirements.
  • I would like to personally deliver the cremains, is that possible?
    You can also arrange to personally deliver the cremains to 6939 Village Road, Parker, CO 80134.
  • I would like to keep the container and the tag, is that possible?
    In addition to a copy of the death certificate that we require, it is important that that we receive the cremains in the original container along with the identifying tag. This is all a part of our strict chain of custody. These may then be returned to you. (see customized options)
  • Can I divide the cremains?
    Yes. Dispersion is a symbolic form of releasing a loved one’s body, freeing their soul and creating a memorial to them. Some people may want to keep some of the ashes in an urn, or jewelry as another form of memorial.See appropriate links.
  • I am interested in pre-planning for the dispersion of my ashes, can you do that?
    Yes. This is an excellent way to ensure that your wishes are carried out. Pre-planning eases the bereavement process because your loved ones know that they are carrying out your wishes.
  • Can my spouse and I be dispersed at the same time/location (as in pre-planning)?
    Yes, we can disperse family members or significant others on the same trip. We can disperse separate cremains over the same location at different times. We disperse each cremains separately unless otherwise asked to do so.
  • Do you mix cremains?
    From the time cremains arrive at Homeward Bound Aerial Services till the time they are dispersed over the desired location, cremains are clearly marked and kept in cool, dry storage. Cremains are NEVER mixed (unless specially requested to do so). Devices used to disperse cremains are cleaned after every use.
  • What do you charge?
    Aerial cremains scattering in most cases costs about one tenth of the average funeral in the United States of America. See our Services page. To find out more.
  • Are there any discounts available?
    We offer a special 10% discount to Veterans and military families with a copy of their DD214 form or their discharge papers. We also offer a 10% discount if we have scattered another member of the immediate family.
  • Can I have my pet dispersed?
    The charges for pets is the same as that for humans. Discounts apply when pets are scattered with their owners.
  • I have special requests that are not addressed on your web-site, what should I do?
    Contact us and we would be happy to work with you
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